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Tips for ordering and doing business in our online store

What is the difference between a shelf product and a custom product?

The shelf product is always available from the express wholesale's own warehouse and available for next day delivery. Shelf products are sold in individual pieces, kilograms or liters. The order product is ordered for the customer and on order, in which case the customer undertakes to purchase the product in a complete Wholesale Package. The order product is always sold as a complete wholesale package, ie as a complete sales batch. The delivery time of the ordered product depends on the delivery promise given to us by the supplier / manufacturer.

How do I find shelf products and custom products in my product lists?

On the left side of the product search results, you will find the specification “Product type”, which can be used to distinguish shelf products from ordered products. Check to select the desired option.

What does Sales Lot, ME1, Minimum Sales Lot mean?

ME1 is a Sales Lot, ie a complete wholesale package. The product information tells you what the size of the entire Wholesale Package is, for example ME1 size 4 pcs. In addition to custom-made products, a few other product groups are only sold as full sales items, ie minimum sales items, such as ice cream cones, chocolate bars, whole meats and fish. As many products as there are in the sales lot will be transferred to the shopping cart, even if you put the order quantity for product 1.

Can the products I have ordered be replaced by other products?

In the basic process of quick wholesale, the products are basically tried to be replaced by a product that is mainly similar and about the same price as the ordered product. If no replacement product with similar features or price is found for the original ordered product, the line is reset in collection. Price fluctuations for replacement products will be covered by an additional margin of 15% to be set aside at the payment stage, which will be released as soon as the final price is known. If the product is something you definitely do not want to be compensated, write "Do not substitute" in the shopping cart's product picking instructions that can be found from the arrow next to the product name.

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