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Ordering and payment

Ordering in our online store

Start shopping by selecting products for your cart. Our product categories make your selection easier, but you can also use product search with keywords. For each product, you can see its availability, price, and possible promotions. The products you have collected will appear in the shopping cart. You can also edit your selections on the Shopping Cart side.

Please note that you can make your own order template for the products you have selected, through which you can easily re-order the same of your favorite products in the future. Ordering your favorite products is also made easier by the Order History, which is updated starting from your first purchase. You will always receive an order confirmation by e-mail for your order. Please note that a confirmed order can only be changed or canceled by 3 pm the day before delivery by contacting our customer service.


Payment for the order will be made upon confirmation of the order by Visa or Mastercard debit or credit card. Please note that in addition to the value of the order, we reserve an additional 15% reservation on the payment card in connection with the payment transaction. This operation allows, for example, for a ordered variable weight kg product or a replaced product, a small range between the ordered and delivered quantity. The additional reservation amount will be released back to the payment card immediately at the end of the collection, if the final value of the delivery is less than the original order amount and the 15% additional reservation reserved on top of it.

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