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Makeaa inspiraatiota

Kämpin Pastry Chef Guilherme Guisen jälkiruokia ihastelimme Gastronomie 1/2020  Makeaa inspiraatiota -artikkelissa. Makean houkuttelevia leivoksia on nyt mahdollista päästä testaamaan reseptiikan muodossa. Vispilät esiin ja suu makeaksi!


Paris-Brest crackers
270g brown sugar
225g flour
45g almond flour
150g butter
as needed Chopped nuts
On a mixer attached with the paddle, add the butter, sugar, flour and almond flour. Roll the mixture between baking papers as thin as possible and with the help of round stencils cut a cookie the same shape as your piped Paris-Brest. Freeze and reserve until use.

Choux dough for Paris-Brest
160g milk
160g water
160g butter
4g salt
6g sugar
160g flour
280g eggs
Bring the water, milk, butter, salt and sugar to a boil. Add the flour and cook for 2 to 3 minutes stirring constantly. Transfer the dough to a mixer attached with a paddle. On a medium speed, add the eggs one by one slowly once until you have a smooth dough. Pipe rounds on a silicone mat using a star tip number 8. Place a cracker on top, wash with egg whites and spread chopped nuts on top. Dust with powder sugar before baking. Pre heat your oven to 260° C. Insert your trays with and Turn off the oven. Time 15 minutes then put your oven on at 145°C and cook for about an extra 20 minutes or until the Paris-Brest are dry. Transfer them immediately to a cooling rack.

Crème pâtisserie
500g milk
500g cream
125g sugar
2pcc vanilla pods
120g yolks
60g snow flake
Bamix your egg yolks and maizena with a bit of the milk. Add everything together on a pan and slowly bring the mixture to a light boil (95C). Be careful not to split the cream by over stirring with a whisk. This recipe contains a lot of fat, so it’s easier to split. Let it cool down in the fridge until ready to use.

Paris-Brest pastry cream
500g pastry cream
200g hazelnut praline (50% caramelised sugar - 50% roasted hazelnuts)
100g butter
5g gelatin
With the help of a thermo mixer, add the pastry cream, hazelnut praline and heat to about 50° C. Add the butter and gelatin. Reserve on piping bags until ready to use.


Hazelnut pâte sucrée
95g hazelnut flour
325g butter
500g flour
195g icing sugar
1g salt
84g eggs
Mix cream butter, powdered sugar, hazelnut powder, and salt. Add eggs. Add flour. Store in a cool place. Roll out 1 3⁄4 with help of rolling mill. Put it into form 2 cm in height and 5 cm in diameter. Leave in a cool place to have a rest day. Bake at 160° C.

Yuzu cremeux
160g yuzu puree
280g egg whites
160g egg yolks
200g sugar
7g gelatin
230g saltless butter
Mix all ingredients together except the butter and hydrated gelatin. Cook to 84 C and melt the gelatin. Cool the mixture down to 35 C and bamix the room temperature butter. Reserve.

Lemon whipped ganache
385g white chocolate
10g gelatin
1272g cream
3pcc lemon grass
280g lemon puree
96g inverted sugar
Hydrate your gelatin in cold water. Boil half of the cream and the inverted sugar and dissolve the gelatin. Pour over the white chocolate and with the help of a hand mixer make a ganache. Add the remaining cold cream and lemon puree.

White chocolate dip
70% white chocolate
30% cocoa butter
Melt the chocolate and cacao butter together. Use at 35 C

Italian meringue
225g egg whites
75g sugar
115g water
375g sugar

Whip the egg whites and 75g of sugar together. Cook the remaining sugar with the water to 124C. Add gradually to the whipped egg whites.

White chocolate dip and fat based yellow colorant
90% Napage
10% lemon puree
Dye the white chcolate dip with the yellow colorant until you achieve the colour you wish to use.
Spray the citrus with the yellow spray giving and even coat. Freeze again. Melt the napage in the pan with the Lemon puree to about 90 C. Spray on top of the yellow giving a very shinny finish.

Lemon and poppy seed cake
9g lemon zest
100g lemon juice
220g melted butter
270g cream
140g honey
95g vegetable oil
300g eggs
20g egg yolks
450g flour
440g sugar
110g poppy seeds
5g baking powder
5g baking soda
5g salt
Using a stand mixer with the whisk attached, beat the eggs, sugar, honey, cream, lemon juice and vegetable oil. On the bowl, mix all the dry ingredients together and lemon zest.

Add the dry ingredients to the eggs mixture and at last fold the melted butter. Bake at 175 C for about 18 minutes. Once the cake is out of the oven, moisten it with sugar syroup and lemon juice.

Whip the Lemon ganache. Pipe a bit on the silicone mold, and inside the ganache pipe some of the yuzu cremeux – Freeze. Unmold the spheres and pipe a bit more of the reserved ganache shaping it like a lemon - Reserve in the freezer.
Dip the lemons onto white chocolate / cacao butter mixture and reserve it back in the freezer for at least one night. It is important there is no moisture on the surface of the lemons before you apply the yellow spray mixture.

Spray the lemons yellow. Spray the lemons again with th napage and lemon mixture. Cut the poppy seed cake so that it fits perfectly inside the tartalette. Make sure is very moist before you insert into the sugar dough. Place the lemons on top and pipe some of the Italian meringue around the hazelnut tartalette .


Crème patisserie
375g milk
375g lychee puree
120g eggs
150g sugar
8g gelatin
55g snow flake
Hydrate the gelatin in old water. BaMix the milk, snowflake, lychee puree, eggs and sugar in a pot, and bring it to a light boil. Melt the gelatin in the mix, and cool it down.

Rose cream
250 g lychee crème patisserie
Few drops of rose water
90g whipped cream

Whip 90g of cream to a very hard consistency. Take 250g of the lychee crème patisserie and with the use of a whisk make it very smooth. Add the 90g of the whipped cream and fold it gently. Put it in the piping back and reserve.

Raspberry – Bergamot fluid gel
1kg raspberry puree
10g agar agar
100g bergamot puree
150g sugar
Bring the raspberry, sugar and agar agar to the boil. Add the bergamot puree and sieve onto a container. Let it cool down in the fridge over night. Blend the next day on a mixer until very smooth.

750g almond flour
750g powder sugar
270g egg whites
750g sugar
270g egg whites
red colorant
Mix and sieve the almond flour, food colorants and sugar together and add to the first part of the egg whites. Make an Italian meringue: Add a bit of water to the sugar and cook it to 121C. Whip the egg whites and pour the hot sugar into it. Cool down the mixture by whipping it continuously and mix with the almond flour / egg whites mixture until you get the right consistency. Pipe the batter into rounds and bake at 150C - half blow for about 10 minutes.

Place fresh raspberries around the macaron. Right in the middle pipe some of the raspberry and bergamot filling.
Pipe the rose cream in between the raspberries and on top. Place the other macaron on top and serve.


Cranberry ice cream
500g milk
500g cream
315g sugar
340g egg yolks
3pcc vanilla pods
2g gelatin
Make a crème anglaise cocking the custard to 82. Freeze into paco jet containers.

1 pcc vanilla ice paco jet
75g froozen cranberries
100g roasted white chocolate.
Blend the paco jet with all ingredients, reserve in the freezer until you are ready to serve.

Rum jelly
150 g water
100 g dark rum
20 g Muscovado sugar
2g Agar agar
Mix all ingredients and bring to boil. Remove from the heat and pour in a frame 1 cm thickness. Let to set in the fridge. Dice in cubes 1x1 cm.

Red profiterole
160g milk
160g water
160g butter
4g salt
6g sugar
160g flour
280g eggs
270g brown sugar
225g flour
45g almond
150g butter
red colorant as needed

Make the cookies: mix the flour, almond, room temperature butter and brown sugar. Dissolve the red colorant with a bit of alcohol and add to the mixture. Roll the mixture between two baking sheets and cut small rounds. Reserve the cookies in the freezer until ready to use.

Boil your milk, water and butter and add the remaining dry ingredients. Stir well until you have evaporated most of the liquid. Transfer the mass into a stand mixer with a paddle attachment. Add the eggs very slowly, one by one, as the mixture cool down. Check for right consistency and cool down the mass for a couple of hours before you are ready to pipe.

Turn your oven to 240°C. Pipe your choux on a tray layered with a silicone mat. Place a small cookie on top of each portion. Add the trays to the oven and turn your oven off. Bake for 15 min, turn the oven back on to 160°C and bake to a further 15 min. Transfer the profiteroles to a cooling rack immediately.

Salt, caramel & rum
500g sugar
2g baking soda
160g water
500g cream
2pcc vanilla pods
7% dark rum
salt to taste
Mix the sugar and baking powder on a dry pan: add the water and caramelize until very dark. The baking soda will help darken the sugar without making it too bitter.
Boil the cream with some vanilla. Once the sugar is the right color, add the cream and finish by adding the rum. Reserve in the fridge.

Cut the profiterole in half. Place the bottom of the profiterole on your plate. Pipe some vanilla cream and top it with frozen cranberries and the diced rum cubes. Scoop a very generous cranberry ice cream portion on top and top it with the red part of the profiterole. Serve with the very hot salted caramel


Gluten Free chocolate fluffy sponge
110 g almond paste 50% r
280 g yolks
60 g whole eggs
60 g cocoa powder
30 g 99% chocolate coverture
190 g butter
200 g egg whites
90 g sugar
Melt the butter, cocoa powder and chocolate together. Soften the almond paste on a microwave and place it on a stand mixer. Beat until very fluffy with the help of a paddle attachment. Add the eggs very slowly.

On a different mixer make a meringue with the egg whites and sugar. Fold the almond paste/eggs mixture to the meringue. Fold the butter and chocolate.

Spread onto parchment paper lined sheets and bake at 175°C for about 15 min.

Crispy layer
160 g 72% dark chocolate
285 almond praline
135g feulettines
Melt the chocolate and praline to 33°C. Add the feulettine and roll between two acetate sheets. Cut appropriate sizes for the silicone moulds.

Passion fruit filling
375g passion fruit puree
175g mango puree
90 g sugar
6,5 g NH pectin
25 g lime puree
Fresh passion fruit seeds
Mix the sugar and pectin together. Bring the fruit puree to about 40 C and add the sugar/pectin mixture. Boil for one minute, add the lime puree.

Scoup fresh passion fruit seeds onto the bottom of square silicone moulds. Pour the passion fruit filling on top and freeze until ready to use.

Chocolate bavaroise
600g crème anglaise
1100g 49% chocolate coverture
900 g whipped cream

8g gelatin silver
Heat your crème anglaise to 50°C. Melt the gelatin and pour over the chocolate. Make a ganache and cool down to 35°C. Fold the whipped cream.

Pipe some of the mousse onto square silicone moulds. Place the frozen passion fruit filling in the middle of the mould. Be careful so the the filling doesn’t touch the sides of the mould.

Place a small square of the crispy filling. Pipe a bit more of the mousse and finish with the gluten free sponge. Freeze the moulds for 24h.
Spray the frozen cakes with 70% dark chocolate 30 % cocoa butter. Keep them in the freezer until ready to use.

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